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Food Flavours
Our food flavours are thorough preparations that impart great taste or/and smell. They are added to a variety of foods, and used in very small amounts. There are certain food flavors inspired from herbs, and other natural substances. We keep up with assorted types of flavorings, which are perfect as food additives. Also we can meet your unique flavor specifications.
Aroma Chemicals
Aroma chemicals are the key elements of almost all perfumes. We offer great synthetic aromas that help make unique flavors and perfumes. These are excellent perfumery ingredients that offer aroma longevity, richness and depth. These are developed for safety, effectiveness and economy. Some aroma chemicals are utilized for the formulation of flavors, ideal for foods, drinks, and candy etc.
Savoury Flavours
We offer a unique variety of savoury flavours, covering spicy, tangy and other characteristics. Our range is perfect for the latest, in-demand products. We help manufacturers to create convenient and healthy foods, that remain flavorful. Also, our flavors help fulfill the most discerning palate. Our creative professionals and culinary chefs develop sophisticated flavours for a range of consumer foods.
Essential Oils
Our essential oils are outstanding for your home, beauty, wellness, and balance needs. They soothe, stimulate or balance body as well as mind. The oils are extracted by proven distillation methods, frequently by steam. They are used widely in perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other products. We keep up with the prospects of high purity, effectiveness and affordability.
Flavour Emulsion
Flavour Emulsions are a unique mix of flavour, stabilizer and/or colour. They are widely applicable in foods & beverages industry. The emulsions are the base for still drinks, sparkling drinks, and many soft drinks. Our high-quality emulsions offer excellent stability and flavours in your beverages. Also, we keep up with several types, beverage concepts and affordability.